Friday, July 15, 2011

What's Going On

Living 11 miles from San Francisco, the most overused cliche/quote I hear this time of the year is Mark Twain's "The coldest winter I spent was the summer in San Francisco."  OK, in 2011 it's almost true.  We had glorious weather in Santa Barbara during the first week of July, then returned to Oakland to find gloom of rare ferocity.  The past five days we've had stubborn fog and highs in the mid-50s.  Which reminds me of a bulletin board note I read a few days ago: "Today's Forecast: High -- 55 degrees, Low -- 55 degrees; Current Temperature -- 55 degrees."  This succinctly describes this week's weather but contains one important omission: the fog is so dense, it's practically raining.  On Wednesday, someone came to work with an umbrella, explaining that it was raining out in the Avenues.  Except that it wasn't.  It was fogging.

All of which leaves me unmovated to ride early in the morning in the dark and the dank in out misty hills.  And that's why this week's riding has been all about indoor riding and commuting in the fairly dry flats.  Going to brave the tiny drops of water this weekend and ride outdoors.  Someone once said : "Don't postpone joy," so I'm going to ride outdoors with family.  It'll be slow and lots of people will pass us, but it will be fun and I won't mind a bit.

P.S. Today's an OK ankle day, but I have a level 5-6 pain across the base of the middle three toes.  As that brilliant 1970s philosopher Roseanne Rosanna Danna said: "It's always something.  If it's not one thing, it's another...." and today it's toes or thereabouts.


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