Sunday, July 17, 2011

Incremental Improvements

Complaining about the weather had the desired effect.  Even though it drizzled in the morning again, the fog lifted in the late morning and stayed away the rest of the day, making the afternoon ride with Jessica a pleasure.  Our intrepid forecasters are predicting a warming trend.  Perhaps this will motivate me to ride in early mornings with my friends again.

The hole in the foot seems to be shrinking, but very slowly.  It also feels a little shallower.  Surprising how walking differently, something that felt good at the time, has made me feel so bad.  Jessica swears by Arnica gel, so I used it last night and this morning, with little noticeable improvement.  I am back to hobbling and am contemplating driving to San Francisco again, as I don't think I can walk half a mile from carpool drop-off to the office in the morning and from the office to the bus after work.  Of course I can continue cycle commuting.  Mercifully, this ache does not affect my riding.

A good thing, too.  Jessica said many times how glad she is that I ride double centuries rather than run marathons.  I am too.  I wonder how long it takes runners to start running after similar injuries.

A Santa Rosa TV station runs ads for Snoopy's Home Ice Arena, an indoor rink 75 miles to the north.  This makes me muse about getting back on the ice.  How would that feel? Physically? Psychologically? Emotionally? Three months ago, I told my friend Steve that I thought of playing very stationary tennis in July, which could still happen, especially if this damn base-of-the-toes pain ebbs soon.  I've also talked about skating before 2012.  I fully plan to do so.  Maybe even before I get on the court.


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