Monday, July 25, 2011

My Left Foot, etc.

Somehow left foot blogging has usurped bike ride stories, which migrated to MY OTHER BLOG perhaps taking up temporary residence there until my next birthday.  Who knows what I'll do with it thereafter.

Unfit to ride in as a carpool passenger because it requires more walking than I can handle, I resumed driving in.  Jessica suggested that I practice walking gradually by parking the car farther than a block away from the building.  (Caution: bike content ahead)  I ran (very much figuratively) with that suggestion and parked in front of VeloSF.  During lunch hour, I went to the gym and spun for 52:25.  The foot felt better after the ride.  I was quite encouraged and walked back to the office comfortably.  As I walked to the car after work, however, it was two blocks too far and the the still undiagnosed (paging Dr. Jake Lee) "stress fracture" bugged me again.  But it's not as bad as it was late last week when it was sore to the touch.  It seems that recovery process for this injury will be the same as with the ankle: a gradual improvement with occasional setbacks.  I can live with that because I have to.


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