Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28: When Dr. Jake Reappears

Yesterday afternoon, the foot felt almost good.  Well, I know all about that and then hurting myself in new and unexpected places, so I didn't push it, not at all.  Today, though, I had to go to court.  My nice shoes aren't as roomy as the tennis shoes I've been wearing 98% of the time since you-know-when.  With a compression sock under my dress sock and a swollen foot to boot, the shoe was very tight and the foot felt bad.  I walked gingerly all day.

Not having heard from Dr. Jake for a week and assuming he was on vacation, I decided to email Dr. Fagan, another podiatrist I saw at some point on this journey.  I logged in to my Kaiser account and was pleasantly surprised to see an email from Dr. Jake.  "No fracture," he said.  I guess it's a sprain.  I wish there were a way to wrap up the foot where I hurt it to keep the swelling down, but compression sock is the best I can do at the base of the toes.  I should also work on rest, ice, and elevation part of RICE course of treatment now that I know it's not a fracture.

Fracture or not, I'm riding.  Twenty-eight days and counting.  A slight change in plans, no Marin/Mt. Tam century -- we're going to Santa Barbara that weekend.  People from VeloSF are doing the Leipheimer Gran Fondo on October 1.  I'm seriously considering riding with them.  It's a very hilly century, which should be good training and a good gauge of my condition in preparation for Solvang Fall Double.


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