Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rehab IV: Giddyup!

So, that was Thursday and Friday.  Today, Saturday, I decided to be careful.  And it's easy to be careful in the morning.  The foot is usually stiff and achy and I'm not completely awake.  I came down the three stairs from the bedroom to the living room with a crutch and settled in.  We had a breakfast at a cafe and I continued getting around with a crutch, but the foot felt good.  When we got home I started getting around without a crutch.  It was awkward and kind of ugly.  Later, someone told me I could play Frankenstein with that walk, but I was taking full steps with my right foot, rather than abortive half-steps that bolts and jolts of pain required just three days earlier.  This was a major breakthrough.  So, I continued walking without a crutch.  All day.  I even managed to walk down stairs almost like a normal person.  Oh, the foot swelled quite a bit.  By the evening it was aching and I was tired from the new activity, but how pleased I was, I cannot describe.  It was a day of breakthroughs.

There was one more breakthrough.  During my PT visit, Wayne had told me to get on a stationary bike to increase the range of motion.  Now, not in another week.  Well, OK!  I hadn't had the time to do it on Thursday and on Friday my foot just didn't feel well enough to attempt a ride, but today...  I set up my bike on the trainer and changed into shorts.  I could barely get my left foot into the cycling shoe.  Once it went in, it felt good.  I gingerly climbed on the bike.  I had no idea how clipping in and out would feel, but it didn't feel.  It was absolutely painless in and out.  Riding was a bit odd, though.  I tried to pedal smoothly, yet leg strength imbalance was such that after 15 minutes my circles turned to squares.  Because of the two compression socks and the still-swollen ankle, my foot rubbed against the crank arm, but I didn't mind -- I was on the bike again!  And it felt great and so familiar and emotional.  I stayed on for 25 minutes.  By then the foot had had enough.  It was a great start.  More riding tomorrow, assuming the foot feels OK after such an active day.  Velo SF, I'm back, baby!  I'm back!



Gunnar Berg said...

On the bike! even indoors. You're cured.

Yelena said...


PS. What was that post about a new job?! Does it come with a new email address?!