Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recovery VII

Less than one day until Dr. Jake appointment at which I expect to be told it's OK to start putting weight on the foot.  I've been cheating.  I started crutch-walking on Friday. At first, it was very awkward and from time to time, I forget that I've been doing that and ambulate one-legged.  Then, I remember and resume "walking."  It's not such good walking.  The boot's sole is much thicker than my shoe's, so I'm tilted to the right.  I'd be reluctant to put much weight on the left foot anyway.  The leg length discrepancy only exaggerates the lean.  I've also discovered that I'm slower on four legs than on three, but I am relearning.  I hear from others who've undergone similar surgery that I'll be walking on crutches for a month or two before I can finally ditch them.  Then physical therapy, which will include pain and frustration.  It seems that the hard part of recovery is only beginning, but I am looking forward to it as the next phase in my recovery.


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