Monday, May 2, 2011

Recovery V: Crash 3

Please don't tell my parents.

Everyting was going hunky-dory.  I was doing my flexion exercises and the injured foot's range of motion was much improved to the point that it was only about 10 degrees less than the healthy one's.  We were going out to dinner last Saturday.  I said, I am going to wait in the car and headed down the stairs (perhaps that's an unfortunate choice of words).  I descend stairs on crutches by carefully placing the crutches on the step below the one I am standing on, then stepping down, then repeating until completed.  Well, this time, I had a brain fart and stepped down with my foot before putting the crutches down.  My weight was still on the upper step, but now it was shifting down, while the crutches that supported it were behind me rather than in front of me.  Because the crutches were higher they kept my upper body from coming down with my foot, the foot could not reach the step.  I teetered briefly and descended rapidly.  There was no arguing with gravity and no way to stop my momentum: my weight was moving forward and the crutches were behind me.  The right foot could not find traction, my weight came down hard on my booted broken foot, which could not stop my descent either, as I tumbled down nine steps, first landing on my butt, bouncing on it for a couple of steps, finally coming to rest face down on the landing.

I was stunned.  Jessica came running out of the house thinking the worst.  Our neighbor rushed over from across the street.  I lay on my face, taking inventory.  My ass hurt and I definitely jammed my foot, but otherwise I was OK.  I didn't hit my head or other body parts.  I skinned my elbow and hip just a bit, but that was the extent of it.  Ass didn't worry me much, it was just a bruise and I hoped dearly that I didn't dislodge hardware or rebreak something in the ankle.  I turned over, got on my hands and knees, stood up on the still-good right foot, hopped over to the staircase and sat down.  Butt hurt, the ankle was a bit achy.  I reassured the family and bystanders.  After some discussion, I went back into the house and got in bed.  Enough excitement for one day.

Two days later, the ankle is better than immediately after the fall, but not quite as good as it was before it.  I get occasional level 2-3 aches in it.  Going to get in touch with Dr. Jake and see what we should do.  Fingers crossed.



Gunnar Berg said...

I does seem we are starting to see a pattern here. Heal well and fast my friend.

Gunnar Berg said...

s/b It seems ...

Bike Ride Stories said...

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