Monday, August 15, 2011

PSA: Goat Poop Update

Kudos to the goat herder -- he cleaned up after the herd the day the goats made the mess.  On Sunday morning nary a dunglet on the road.

The new car has been in the shop a bit and not for discretionary items described previously.  The bloom isn't quite off the rose, but I am confronting the practical implications of owning an 18-year old car.  I took it to MAB (Mercedes-Audi-BMW) Motors, which has a spotless 31-0 Yelp rating and is just two blocks from West Oakland BART station, making it unbeatable for convenience.  First, I had then install a rear window wiper blade.  Mine was missing.  Then, I had them go over the car to make sure everything was fine -- a couple of hoses needed replacing; not surprising and not outrageously expensive, then the car developed a rattle.  I brought it in again today -- that's three work days in a row I've been at MAB (had to leave the car overnight last week) hoping the rattle was nothing serious.  It wasn't.  I must have driven over something high, which knocked something in the exhaust system slightly ajar.  MABsters bent it back in place, the rattle disappeared and they charged me nothing.  As Jessica observed astutely, "they have a good customer in you, you have an 18-year old car."  Fair enough.  Hoping not to see them again for a few thousand miles.

Meanwhile, I went to an upholstery shop and ordered a cloth dashboard cover.  My dashboard is too nice.  It's been polished and Armor-Alled to such an extent that in bright sunlight I get such a glaring reflection on the windshield, that it seriously reduces visibility.  A cloth cover will not reflect.  Next on my agenda is a trip to a body shop to deal with the dent.  After that (bike content!), to a car rack store to get roof rack bike mounts.


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