Thursday, October 28, 2010

Next Season

After sleeping through this morning's ride I decided it's never too early to make New Year's resolutions or plans for next season.  It's easier to motivate oneself when one is working on specific goals.  Exact scheduling is still up in the air because the dates of 2011 double centuries haven't been published and I base my list on the dates on which these rides usually take place.  One goal for 2011 is a self-fashioned Sierra Triple Crown consisting of Eastern Sierra, Alta Alpina 8, and White Mountain.  I want to do the other rides on this list because I like them and would like to improve my finishing times.

1. Solvang Spring Double (a fast training ride late March)

2. Devil Mountain Double (a beautiful and challenging ride in late April)

3. Davis Double (a fast flat ride in mid May)

4. Eastern Sierra Double (a fast and beautiful ride at altitude in early June)

5. Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge (a slow and beautiful ride at altitude in mid June)

6. White Mountain Double (early September)

7. Knoxville Double (a mellow and beautiful ride in late September)

That's seven doubles.  I've not done so many rides in a year before and am not sure I can handle that physically or want to be away from the family that much.  Though three of the rides (DMD, Davis, and Knoxville) are local affairs for which I am absent for one day rather than a weekend.


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