Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moral Victories, Moral Losses, and Resolutions

So I was out with Brian this morning on our Heart of Darkness ride that starts for me at 4:35 a.m.  We picked up Floyd and Todd at the 'henge.  As we rode toward the sprints past Chabot Space Science Center, the speed picked up.  I've been working on increasing my speed on flats, so was riding alongside Todd rather than sucking wheel, then sprinting.  Todd is my flat road riding role model.  "Pedal faster rather than harder" was my mantra.  I was doing pretty well, but working fairly hard.  Approaching the sprints I decided not to sprint because my legs felt pretty well shot and I was going to get my hat handed to me, so pulled off.  The guys went ahead and duked it out.  Not sure who won, they were too far ahead.

Riding home, I got pissed at myself.  Punking out of the sprint was a weak move, a moral loss.  If you don't want to sprint, fine, but don't wuss out because you may lose.  Resolved to make suicidal attacks in the future under the same circumstances: if sprinting promises to be hopeless, go for the element of surprise.  It might work, but if not at least I'd know I tried.


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