Thursday, April 10, 2008

Marin Century 2007 report

had planned on doing the metric double. Got to Terra Linda around 6:30, found no parking, so I pulled into an apartment building parking lot to turn around and look for parking elsewhere. Drove into a carport to make a 3-point turn... Crunch!!! Crunch!!! Crap, my bike is on the roof!Good bye, fork. Drove all the way home to Oakland, unsure whether to cry or curse -- did some of both, grabbed another bike, put it INSIDE the car and drove back to Terra Linda. Got rolling at 8:00. Now, only had enough time for a 100 miler. At the first rest stop that I was trying to roll through, someone turned into me and took me down. "Are you OK?" "NO!" But the bike is OK, so I keep going wondering whether with all these adventures I'd be better off turning around and riding back to the car.Rode angry and hard... Rollers, rollers, more rollers... Learning that the substitute bike I grabbed is not a great climber (or is it me that's not a great climber?)... Left shoulder on which I fell hurts... First cramps at mile 45... Getting overheated... It's been cool and overcast the entire week, why does it have to be hot today? Don't feel like eating much -- rest stop fare looks not so appetizing... Right knee aches... Damn, I should have grabbed another bike... Feeling slightly nauseous around mile 72... Rolling out of Petaluma rest stop, still feeling nauseous... Hot, head wind... Plod, plod up Red Hill... Crampy and nauseous... Left knee hurts too... Roll through Nicasio rest stop but remain upright, which I treat as a small blessing... The rest of the ride was uneventful. Car's thermometer said 100 degrees at 3:00... Just out of curiosity, turned on the computer at 5:45 to check the weather in Petaluma. It was still 89 degrees.
See what you missed?

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