Thursday, April 10, 2008

Confession of a Doper (2006 Napa Century)

After much soul-searching, and inspired by examples of riders of Team Telekom, I've decided to come clean. It has been extremely difficult living with the knowledge that I have benefited from performance-enhancing substances. Therefore, I have decided to confess and to throw myself at the mercy of the governing body.

During the 2006 Napa Century, which I rode woefully undertrained, I liberally helped myself to Advil, Tums, and Carbogen. I have notified the sponsoring clubs Berkeley Bicycle Club and Napa Eagle Cycling Club of my transgression and offered to return my patch and reimburse them the cost of post-event meal, and the cost of food and beverages I consumed during the ride.

I expect no mercy from event organizers or my peers. However, I make this admission in humble hope for forgiveness, ask that my punishment be just and not excessive, hope that my suspension is brief (brief enough to allow me to ride Sequoia Century on June 3, 2007), and pray that on June 3 I do not succumb again to the temptation of aiding my performance through use of chemicals.

I encourage all fellow users of performance-enhancing substances to admit their use here in the hope of cleaning up our beautiful sport.

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