Monday, October 17, 2011

A Vanity Project

Blogging is ultimate self-indulgence.  If readers are lucky, bloggers offer opinions on current events, share recipes, or write about knitting.  The rest of us are using blogs as public diaries in what amounts to little more than a "look at me!" exercise.

I'll take this navel-gazing to the extreme:  The other day, I was coming back from a ride and as I came into  the house and glanced at the mirror, I saw a hard edge in my reflection that I hadn't seen before.  That guy looked like a cyclist rather than a guy who cycles.  Someone serious about the sport rather than a hobbyist.  So there you have it, a man who has ridden 109 days in a row finally considers himself a serious cyclist rather than a dilettante.  Of course, previously he had thought himself a serious cyclist, but it appears he'd been wrong.  I hope he's right this time.


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