Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rehab VII: Tilting at Sidewalks

The second day of one-crutching around went as well as the first, and I learned something.  Sidewalks in San Francisco's financial district slope from buildings toward the streets.  The slope makes me pronate or suponate, depending on the direction I am walking.  Pronating (foot rolling inward), which my feet do naturally, hurts.  Suponating (foot rolling outward) doesn't.  Now I walk on the right side of every street, suponating as much as the sidewalks allow.

Does your city have sloping sidewalks?

Living up to the blog's title, I will report that today I did a mellow and happy hour at VeloSF.

And one more thing, it's uncanny how my body reacts to things Wayne recommends.  He says use one crutch and roll the foot, "It's easier to get rid or a crutch than a bad habit."  I use one crutch and roll the foot almost comfortably.  The foot hurts while he manipulates it and I tell him, so he presses another part of the foot or lower leg and the pain wanes.  He tapes my arch with Leukotape and the foot hurts less.  He gives me a compression sock, I put it on in the morning, and the foot feels better immediately.  How does he know?  He knows.  I guess that's why he has four diplomas on his wall.


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Gunnar Berg said...

Think they all tilt.