Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Three Days to AA8

Three days to Alta Alpina 8.  My right knee started bugging me six days ago.  Maybe too much big ring riding, maybe too much weekend warrior thing and not enough low intensity mid-week spinning...  Who knows?  Rode again two days later and it bugged me again.  Rubbing the affected area made it go away for a while, then it returned when I stood up on the steeper part of North Pinehurst.  This raised enough concern that I've been off the bike since then.  Will test it gently tomorrow.  Don't want to go into AA8 with a balky knee.  Somebody give me a cortisone shot and I don't care if it's a banned substance!

Oh, and it appears that the rim on my rear wheel is quite worn from braking, so to avoid catastrophic wheel failure it's time to switch my 12-29 cassette to another wheel and, likely, adjust the shifting since all wheels are dished just a wee bit differently.  Good thing I discovered this three days before the ride rather than on a 50 mph descent of Kingsbury.


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