Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hamma' Time!

On February 20 it was Fruit Stand.  60+ miles counterclockwise.  Hills first (Tunnel, Redwood); then flats from Castro Valley to San Ramon via Crow Canyon and up through Walnut Creek to Moraga; then home over Pinehurst, with a detour up Manzanita. 

There were four of us in various levels of fitness.  Feeling up for a long and strong effort, I did nearly all of the pulling on Crow Canyon, about half on the flats to Walnut Creek, and led up the climb from Lafayette to Rheem Valley.  In San Ramon, David asked me, "what time is it?"  I said in my best MC Hammer voice, "what taam's it?!" and Brian and I both responded, "it's Hamma' Time!"  A hammerfest to Walnut Creek ensued.  But it was a good hammerfest.  It was hard, but not blood-tasting, lung-burning, tunnel-vision, legs-falling-off, near-blackout hard.


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